Bad mood? Moodmonk suggests you positive content, daily affirmations, exercises and thoughts for daily reflection to help you get energized, motivated and feel better.

Moods aren't everything. Your attitude is. As we rush into our daily routines dozens of factors affect our behavior and feelings, making mood swings a common issue for many of us. Even though we do not offer a cure for all your problems, we can help you be mindful about how you feel throughout the day and act upon your moods in a positive way as you go through all kinds of ups and downs in your life. Remember, that it is impossible to be in a good mood 100% of the time. Instead, it is about exploring your moods and emotions, learning new ways to deal with them, and finding a balanced inner state.

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Moodmonk is an app designed just for that, even though it's not a regular daily mood tracker. It will determine what kind of day you seem to be having and suggest tailored positive content, daily affirmations, exercises, and thoughts for daily reflection help you get energized, motivated, and feel a little better. These include a wide variety of topics and activities, such as daily self-care, filling out gratitude journals, stress management, and stress relief, breathing exercises, goal setting, and much more.

Whether you want to use it as a mood tracker, anxiety tracker or a thought diary, Moodmonk has a lot to offer. Take a look at some features that we prepared for you:

🎭 Mood Tracking

Every day you can do a mood "check-in" - pick one of 8 mood categories that best describes your inner state at the moment. Daily check-ins are not limited, so feel free to do them multiple times if your mood changes a lot throughout the day. Generally, we recommend logging your mood at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

🗒 Daily Reflection

Based on the mood you picked you will be suggested tailored content of several types, one of them being questions, thoughts, and quotes to reflect on. For example, you might be asked to remember your happiest childhood memory or write down a positive affirmation to yourself. Another time you might need to brainstorm silly solutions to the problem that's worrying you at the moment. In a way, daily reflection is a kind of self-therapy as it raises questions, important for your happiness, self-motivation, and emotional health.

💪 Activation of power

Another type of content you might get after your daily mood log is a physical task to complete. Sometimes all you need to cheer up is to go for a walk, get your heart pumping with some exercise or simply smile for 12 seconds! A task can be skipped or scheduled for later if you don't have time to complete it right away. You will see a list of opened tasks on your home screen if there are any.

📈 Analyse your progress

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